Benjamin Jaffe

Benjamin Jaffe is an artist and educator who has worked for Chicago Public Schools for over twenty years. He has exhibited his artwork in Museums and Galleries throughout the United States, in group and one man shows. His work has been published and won awards including the Kodak Medallion of Excellence. As an instructor at Gallery 37 he was instrumental in redefining the technology component of the school and helped create the first Motionography class for CPS. He received an honorarium with the Technology Teacher of the Year awards in 2011. He was amongst the first Art instructors to receive National Board Certification and has worked as a mentor to National Board Candidates. As the Lead Program Support Director for All City Art, he worked for over a decade to help expand the All City Art Program to include student shows at various museums and galleries including: The Art Institute, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hyde Park Art Center, The Marwen Institute, The Museum of Science and Industry, and IIT. This year he took on the challenge of helping to launch a similar statewide program called the Illinois HS Art Exhibition. He is the Director of Portfolio Exhibition and a co-founder, and has expanded his work with All City at CPS to a larger platform that has a main goal of creating scholarship opportunities for Illinois HS Art students. The Position of Director of the Arts is primarily designed as a curriculum management and arts facilitator for Senn Arts. His responsibilities include Overseeing course planning, curriculum development, program development, after school programming for the arts, student guidance, and general operational support. In addition he is charged with assisting the Arts Coordinator with recruitment, performance scheduling and coordination, and auditioning. As a seasoned arts technology instructor, I have a long term goal of developing my own website with a purpose of instructing HS Arts students using the internet as a classroom.



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