Creating iBooks Author units and textbooks for the iPad class

Would you like to add color, interactivity and excitement into the unit lessons you teach to your students? This presentation is for any teacher who would like to offer their classes paperless, gorgeous, custom-built units or textbooks on any subject. Most publishers are now offering electronic versions of their textbooks to be read on tablets, but their use is often limited to reading, with few additional benefits to the reader. iBooks Author (iOS platform) is a free developer software from Apple which allows anyone with a Mac to create and deliver beautiful textbooks to students through the iPad platform. These books are rich with interactive graphics, audio and video files; imbedded with interactive glossary, comprehension, discussion and review questions; and textual, visual and auditory quizzes. In this presentation you will see an anthology of short stories I have developed for a foreign language class. Students have read, annotated, discussed and reviewed these units on the iPad these past 2 semesters. With the built-in dictionary and the custom-built glossary, students can process more challenging texts. Some of the activities I have designed for these units are also designed for use on other free apps.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Target Audience: Applies to ALL
Grade Levels: Applies to ALL grade levels
Platform: iOS